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Lets your horses drink water from wells. Adds horse breeding and other commands.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_V_Rising-1.0.0 icon

BepInEx pack for V Rising. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 1.0.0
molenzwiebel-Wetstone-1.1.0 icon

Plugin framework and general utilities for V Rising mods.

Preferred version: 1.1.0
deca-VampireCommandFramework-0.4.12 icon

Command framework for developers to easily create universal commands for their plugins.

Preferred version: 0.4.12


🐴 Lead A Horse To Water

A V-Rising mod that lets your horses drink water from wells. Now with horse breeding and other commands.


Bye, bye, Li'L Sebastian
Miss you in the saddest fashion
You're 5000 candles in the wind

Commands and Other Features

For commands to load you must have VampireCommandFramework installed on the server as well.


  • Commands with [horse=] are optionally for specifying a horse by name and will default to the closest horse if not specified.
  • 🔒 Requires admin permissions
  • Underlined keys come from the config file.
  • Horses should be tamed and not riden by a player for most commands

This info is also available in game with .help LeadAHorseToWater

.horse breed

This process takes two horses and consumes BreedingRequiredItem * BreedingCostAmount from the player's inventory. The resulting horse will be a random mix of the two parents' stats as a 50/50 chance of inheriting each trait from either parent. Then randomly +/- MutationRange is applied based on the max stat for each attribute. Finally values are capped at MaxSpeed, MaxAcceleration, MaxRotation. The resulting horse will be named after the first parent.


.horse tag-stats [horse=]

This player command will add the current stats of the horse to it's name as a suffix. This is great to see the stats of a horse without having to open the inventory. This command may limited by name length as the game allows one extra character via their UI.


🔒 .horse rename [horse=] (newName)

Powerful admin rename, this allows you do escape normal naming restrictions and use markup. This is useful for special rewards like making a horse's name color, bold, or even use some emojis or unicode. PSA: This command can result in the drinking prefix breaking or tag-stats not fitting on the horse. Please don't report naming issues resulting from this command.

🔒 .horse whistle [horse=] / .horse warp [horse=]

Whistle trys to brings the horse to you, warp teleports you to the horse.

🔒 .horse speed [horse=] (speed)

🔒 .horse acceleration [horse=] (acceleration)

🔒 .horse rotation [horse=] (rotation)

Set the horse's stats. These values are not capped by MaxSpeed, MaxAcceleration, or MaxRotation. Note that the game represents rotation as 10x the value displayed in the UI but the commands handle this for you and you should refer to the values as you see them in the UI.

🔒 .horse kill [horse=]

Removes the horse immediately without any loot or corpse.

🔒 .horse cull [radius=5] [percentage=1]

WARNING: This command will remove horses within the radius of the player. It choose percentage of the horses within the radius. This command is very useful for cleaning up a large number of horses. It is recommended to use a small radius to start. The default radius of 5 is about 1 tile. The default percentage 1 means 100% of the horses within the radius will be removed.

🔒 .horse spawn [count=1]

Spawns either one or count horses around you.

Configurable Values


## This prefab is consumed as a cost to breed horses.
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: -570287766
BreedingRequiredItem = -570287766

## This is the amount of the required item consumed.
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 1
BreedingCostAmount = 1

## This is the half range +/- this value for applied for mutation.
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 0.05
MutationRange = 0.05

## The absolute maximum speed for horses including selective breeding and mutations.
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 14
MaxSpeed = 14

## The absolute maximum rotation for horses including selective breeding and mutations.
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 16
MaxRotation = 16

## The absolute maximum acceleration for horses including selective breeding and mutations.
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 9
MaxAcceleration = 9


## Horses must be within this distance from well. (5 =1 tile)
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 5
DistanceRequired = 5

## How many seconds added per drink tick (~1.5seconds), default values would be about 24 minutes for the default max amount at fountain.
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 30
SecondsDrinkPerTick = 30

## Time in seconds, default value is roughly amount of time when you take wild horses.
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 28800
MaxDrinkAmount = 28800

## If true will rename horses in drinking range with a symbol
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
EnableRename = true

## This is a comma seperated list of prefabs to use for the well. You can choose from one of (stone, iron, bronze, small, big) or (advanced: at your own risk) you can also include an arbitrary guid hash of of a castle connected placeable.
# Setting type: String
# Default value: Stone, Large
EnabledWellPrefabs = Stone, Large

Demo Video (only viewable on github)

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2022-9-18 0.6.5 2585 Version 0.6.5 Install
2022-8-11 0.5.12 529 Version 0.5.12 Install
2022-7-22 0.4.2 500 Version 0.4.2 Install
2022-7-19 0.4.0 163 Version 0.4.0 Install